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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Spectrum of Graffiti Quality

I love good graffiti, almost as much as I love bad graffiti, so I always make a point of taking a photo when I come across some.  This is, hands down, my favorite ever!
Thanks for the tip, bro!
For the sake of balance, here's some other stuff I've come across in my travels that is less shit.

Camden, London

Somewhere in London, I was super lost when I found this one

Taken in my hometown, Edmonton

Outside the toilets of the Camden markets
This was right beside the flamingo in Chinatown
My personal favorite, taken on a rooftop in Spain

I love graffiti on toilet walls.  Love it love it.
I really want to watch Exit Through The Gift Shop again.  It makes you want to run into the streets with a can of spray paint and express yourself!  Also, I want to start collecting funny bathroom graffiti so if you're ever having a pee and notice something funny on the wall, please please please take a photo and send it my way!


  1. The thought of snapping pictures in the washroom makes me giggle. I love the idea though, keep inspiring me! The next time I go to the public washroom I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  2. @wickedwed
    Use your camera phone! Just make sure it doesn't make a "click" sound or the person in the stall beside you might get a bit freaked out!


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