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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fix Up That Crappy T-Shirt!

There is so many fun things to do with a t-shirt.  I bought this one in Topman a couple years ago because I thought it was really funny.  Unfortunately, I hardly ever wear it because it doesn't fit me well at all.  The neckline is too high and too tight, it's not short enough to be a proper crop top, and it gives me no shape at all.  Just really unflattering.  So I did what any sensible person would do...I cut it up!  I prefer to cut up really big t-shirts, it gives you more to work with, and this one is already pretty small so I decided to make it more of a crop top.

You can cut as much or as little as you want.  I was kind of limited by the lettering, but I've still got a bit of a flashdance vibe going on now.  Try your best to keep the line smooth, and cut off any excess jagged bits.  Don't forget that old saying: Measure twice, cut once!

If you've got some killer abs, chop the shit out of it.  I don't have killer abs at all, so I cut just above the hem so the whole look would be a bit more uniform.

TA DAH!  So simple, right?  Start to finish this probably took me all of five minutes and I'm a million times happier with the shirt now.  It doesn't look like I stole it from a little boy anymore!  Let's be honest, only Megan Fox can really get away with that look.  


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