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Monday, 11 July 2011

Frederick's Bench

Have you ever thought about how much action a bench gets?  Well, my friend Stuart has.  He lives in Camden Town and has been documenting the life of this little bench for all three (almost!) years I've known him.  He actually has a camera set up, and disguised, in his window so he can capture every precious weirdo that sits on it.  It is fascinating.  Camden is one of the most unique areas of London, sort of the "counter-culture" headquarters if you will.  All shapes and sizes live there, with varying amounts of sanity.  It is hands down my favorite place in the whole city, I've spent waaaay too many hours shopping in the markets.  He's started pasting full size bench photos around Camden.  He's like my very own Banksy!

And here's just to give you an idea of the kind of people who frequent Frederick's Bench.
Yes, that's me.  And, yes, I was incredibly hungover.  Thanks Stu.

This, and the one below, are my favorite!!  

It's the SAME MAN having the worst & best days of his life!

To check out the rest of his truly phenomenal photos please check out his website.  Also, if any of you are Londoners and happen to come across one pasted on a wall somewhere I would be forever grateful if you sent a photo my way.


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