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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Gratitude List: Unicorn Jewelry, Self Tanner and Morrissey

I'm going to try to keep up with these lists. It's important to remind yourself of the good things in your life and not get bogged down by the bullshit.  Here are the things that have been making me very, very happy this week.
This website is a major weakness for me.  When I got my first credit card this was the first site I raced to.  Reasonably priced jewelry shaped like unicorns!?  Get me in there.  I've just spent a fortune and am now sitting here happily awaiting my package, which will include the above necklace.  I love ordering things off the internet, when they arrive it's like Christmas.  Only you know what it is, and you had to pay for it.

Self Tanner
Ok, I know I'm about ten years late on this...but I'd never tried self tanner before.  I guess I was afraid I'd look orange, or look like the girl in the picture above.  I saw some sitting in my mom's room and thought I'd give it a go.  I've seen enough episodes of Jersey Shore to know the whole exfoliate and moisturize routine, and now I'm sitting here looking like a non-orange bronzed goddess.  I love this stuff!

Celeb Twitter Replies
It makes me feel so special!  It's not like it was from Lady Gaga or anything, but I love Los Campesinos! and especially admire Gareth's song writing.  So to know that for one nano-second he thought about me, when I spend SO much time listening to/thinking about him, was very gratifying.  I'm still all giddy about it.  I think we'll have a spring wedding.

I love The Smiths more than my own family.  I'm probably not even exaggerating, I really fucking love The Smiths.  This book has taught me so much I wanted to know, and a bunch of stuff I probably didn't want to know.  How I didn't realize Hand in Glove was about Morrissey and Johnny is beyond me.  It's brought my appreciation of Andy Rourke as the unsung hero of the band to a whole new level.  I learned that Morrissey also likes Bringing Up Baby!!!  Also, the reason I own this book is because I casually mentioned to my boyfriend that I'd always wanted it, but it was too expensive and he did that awesome thing people do where they put it in their mental filing cabinet and surprise you on your birthday six months later!

I'm now going to dance around my living room like Morrissey instead of getting ready for work.

Honestly, I do this for hours. Also, this song is a shining example of Andy's talent.


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