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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I Just Got Nailed

Ayumi Hamasaki is my ultimate nail inspiration
I am so, so, so into nail art.  I've been waitressing (spell check is trying to change that to depressing....close enough) in the UK for so long, and wearing nail polish was always a strict no-no.  The day I quit my job, I raced home and tried out all these amazing techniques I'd seen on tumblr.  And it sucked, they were fucking ugly.  Since then, I've been practicing and I think I've gotten pretty damn good, although there's still some girls who blow my tiny mind with the stuff they do.  We all know that saying, whatever you do there will be somebody better at it, and somebody worse.

If you have any questions as to how I did any of this, please ask me.  It will make me feel so important.

I was so drunk when I tried to get pictures of these!

These are what I'm currently sporting.  I'm in love!

 What do you think?  Should I feed my own ego and do some tutorials?


  1. I'd love a tutorial on the marble nails~

  2. Awesome, I'll post one some time next week!

  3. @a l e k s
    Here you go, hon!


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