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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rainy Day Links List

I had big plans for today.  Shakespeare in the Park, bubbles and the street performers festival.  Unfortunately, all those things require it to not be pissing down rain like it's been for the last two days.  Blargh.  So instead of doing those things, I'm doing what I do best which is surfing the internet for stupid shit.  Which I shall now share with you in case your plans to watch Shakespeare on the grass while drinking wine and canoodling has been dashed as well.

8 Weirdly Sexual Products You Won't Believe Are For Kids - This is just fucked right up.  Yeah, we've all heard how trashy Bratz dolls are, but brazillian waxes for eight year old girls so they never grow pubic hair!?  When are we going to start interviewing people before we let them have children?

Up, Up and Away! - This is kind of old news, but National Geographic made the house from Disney's Up!

Mike Skinner: Why I'm Killing Off The Streets - I love Mike and I love The Streets, so this article is kind of bitter sweet, but Mike has such a lovely, refreshing attitude towards his music and the music industry as a whole.  I really admire him.

The Anatomy of an Adult Apartment - Filleosophy fills us in on how real, live grown ups decorate their apartments.

Tweenbots - These cute little cardboard robots who have made their way on treks across New York thanks the help of strangers.  It's so sweet to read about how people took care of these little guys and pointed them in the right direction.

Overheard in New York - I've been reading this site for years and I will never stop.  There's few things funnier than people who don't realize how funny they're being.  Don't lose faith in humanity yet!

3:56 is my favorite thing ever.  The look on his face!

Are You A Gamer Girl? - Why is it that if girls play video games they're either majorly unsexy nerds or skanks humping a controller?

Ten Movies With Inspiring Style - SeaofShoes has a great post about movies with fantastic style.  Come for the style, stay because they're excellent films!

He is a constant inspiration to me. "It's like turning your daydreams into sound."

The Best of Nancy Grace's Batshit Casey Anthony Coverage - I hate Nancy Grace, she's just such an obnoxious person.  Jezebel's supercut of her outlandish behavior is marvelous.

Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns - Seriously, these are so amazing.  I'm going to hire that third place winner to make me a dress.

This is teamwork at it's best!

Jeffrey Tambor: Yes, The Arrested Development Movie is Happening - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Happy Surfing!!


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