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Monday, 25 July 2011

Video Diary: What I Did Last Week

I've sort of been filming everything I've been up to recently, so I cut it all together and made this little video diary of my week.

I loved that blue dress, but it was too big and they didn't have my size!  I check the tag for the website so I could order one, and forgot the name as soon as I walked out the door.  Doh!  We spent hours playing Just Dance for Wii and were all so exhausted after that robo-dance.  We went and saw my friend Zorra at her burlesque show last night and there was a really awesome funk band called The Boogie Patrol.  I made my new logo, ate poutine and learned to flip pancakes.  My dog, Lulu, has been hilarious as usual.  We tried out a new harness for her, but she just spent all day rubbing against the bed and making Elvis faces.  She also likes to tap dance with me.

All in's been a damn good week.  I leave for camping tomorrow for Zorra's birthday with our internet friend, Martha!


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