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Friday, 1 July 2011

What's In A Name?

When I started this blog I was struck with a mini identity name is boring!  All of a sudden I found myself wondering if I needed a new "internet" name a la Doe Deere, Perez Hilton or Gala Darling (who, by the way, legally had her name changed to that!).  They sign off their posts with these cool, exciting moniker and somehow those four little letters, L-I-S-A, paled in comparison.  

I've never really liked my name.  It's boring, common and when I actually started to think about it, I don't really like most of the Lisa's I've met.  They're usually stuck up prudes!  Let's hope that's just a coincidence and some bad Lisa luck on my part.  When I was younger, I could always find a toothbrush, mug, backpack....anything with my name on it, much the chagrin of my sister Marissa.  My mom had to buy toothbrushes and paint her name on in nail polish!  I loved it then, because anything that made my sister miserable made me ecstatic, but as the years pass I find novelty toothbrushes just don't hold as much importance in either of our lives.  I wish my name had a bit more spice, more intrigue, more anything that would make it a bit special.  I'm not saying I want to be named Moon Unit or anything, but people can't find me on facebook because there's so many "Lisa Bailey's" out there.  You can't even make any good nick names out of Lisa, I just end up being "Lees" or even worse "Loose".  How the fuck people get "Loose" from "Lisa" is beyond me, maybe it's just a comment on my whore-ish behavior.

The contradiction to all this (hey, it's my blog, I'm allowed to contradict myself!) is that I've always said if I get married I won't take my husband's last name.  Unless it's Rudd......mmmm.  Lisa Bailey, however boring or generic, is who I am and I don't want to go changing who I am for some man.  I can't imagine having to fill out some other name on forms, or remembering to answer to Ms. SoandSo instead of Ms. Bailey.  I guess I'll just have to stick with this and prove that some Lisa's are fucking awesome.

So tell you guys like your name?


  1. I love your blog posts, they're so funny and enlightening xD! I now know a Lisa that's fucking awesome!

    I don't really like my name, but I guess I'll have to stick with it, maybe I'll change it someday ;].

  2. @wickedwed
    Aw, thanks love! I'm changing the reputations of Lisa's everywhere!


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