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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Around The World in 8 Courses

Foreign Food! Yaaaaaay!  Every year my city hosts a festival celebrating all the different cultures, and foods, in Canada.  It's so wonderful.  People of every color and background converge on a park to eat food from every corner of the world, watch traditional dances and buy traditional crafts.  It's a big cultural party!  I'm very proud of Canada's immigration policy and acceptance of other people's beliefs.  The more we know about other countries, the more we can all embrace our differences and get along.  The man in the Iraq booth was absolutely beaming with pride that their booth was number one.  He gave us some Iraqi coffee which was, without a doubt, the strongest coffee I've ever tasted.  We also had stir fry from Vietnam, but I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture!

We started out with pistachio and saffron ice cream from Iran.  It was so amazing.

Beef curry and fried spinach from Kenya.

"Let's try to eat healthy today." "Well then we can't get anything from England!" It's funny because it's true!

Frozen chocolate bananas from Peru.  I am so going to be making more of these!

Fried plantain from Uganda.  I'm convinced these would be a perfect side dish with steak or fish.

Papri Chaat from Pakistan.  It's chickpeas and potatoes topped with yoghurt, chaat masalas and tamarind chutney.  Delcious!

Mee Goreng from Borneo.

Ben had a bit of trouble with it!

We saw beautiful dancers from Thailand wearing amazing, intricate costumes.

This was the highlight of the day for me.  Shredded cantaloupe juice.  So light and refreshing!

Broadening your food horizons is never, ever a bad thing.  Go out for Dim Sum, eat some chicken feet!  Get outside your comfort zone and eat some crazy, weird food!

Also, this week is prime time for meteor showers.  I talk a bit more about it in my summer post.  Get out there and wish on some stars!


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