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Monday, 15 August 2011

Brewster's Millions: What Would You Do?

Spend $30 million in the next 30 days, without acquiring any assets, to inherit $300 million.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Well, the whole "moral" of Brewster's Millions is that all the money just makes him unhappy and he realizes he doesn't need material junk to be happy.  Screw that moral!  Give me material junk!  All I could think when I was watching Richard Pryor struggling to to spend all the money is that this would be a piece of cake for me!  

First things first, I would head over to and rent an amazing wardrobe!  Oh my god, the clothes they have available for rental is so tempting.  This Proenza Schouler dress is $150 to rent for 4-8 days.  Plus shoes, handbags and accessories, I'm sure that would be $50,000 gone easily.  Of course since I return it assets so I stick with the Brewster's Millions rule!

The problem with living in a different country for a couple years is that you make a bunch of friends that you miss dearly.  I would fly all of my friends from England over here to Canada so they can see where I'm from.  A flight between London and Edmonton is about $950, and I'll be flying over about 30 friends so that's $28,500.  I'll take them on the roller coaster in our mall and I'll book us for a world tour cruise that departs once the 30 days is up.  I like this one which visits Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Jordan, Egypt, Croatia and a whole lot of other places.  Sounds mind blowing, right?  Well, it better be for the $40,103 per suite price tag.  Since I'll be bringing 50 of my closest friends that will be over $100,000 gone as well.  Damn, this is actually harder than I thought.  

Before we catch our cruise, we need to have an amazing party.  Shakira was paid $5,000,000 to do eight songs at a private party a couple years ago, but I would want a lot more than eight songs so I would have to pay her $10,000,000.  I don't even feel guilty about wasting it all because I know she donates millions to her charities every year.  I've always wanted to know what Cristal tastes like, so I would need a couple hundred bottles of that.  The 1990 Cristal goes for $1,053 per bottle  so my couple hundred bottles would put me out $210,600.  Not bad to feel like Jay-Z for a night.  Of course I would have hire my hero, Preston Bailey, for the decor and considering that he's Oprah's go-to decorator, he doesn't come cheap!  He starts at $200,000 but I would want something truly spectacular so I'd probably have to spring about $500,000.  He's so worth it, look at his website if you don't believe me.  I'd have the party catered by Iron Chef Mario Batali and I'm not sure what his catering charge would be, but a three course meal at one of his restaurants is about $250, so for him to feed all 500 of my friends I'm guessing he'd want around $125,000 at least!  I think I'd hold the party in the New York at The American Museum of Natural History who charge a patron membership fee of $3500 plus the room rental of $11,000 and I'm going to want to use the terrace so that's another $1000. So let's see with Shaki, Cristal, Preston Bailey, Mario Batali and Natural History we're looking at a nice total of $10,851,100.  Not bad for one night of fun!

It doesn't look like it costs more than my house!
Now on to the food.  Nothing left after that except my own asset (haha).  The most expensive food in the world is the Italian White Alba Truffle which sold for $160,406 to a couple in Japan.  I'll get a chef to whip up a dish including the truffles, some Almas Caviar ($25,00 a tin), Matsutake Mushrooms ($1000 per pound) and some rare Dansuke Watermelons ($6,100 a pop) which are found only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.  I'm sure it will be a delicious meal for $192,506.

So I still have almost $19 million left.  What on earth is a girl to do?  Honestly....I don't even know.  The rules stipulate you can't give it all away to charity or gamble it away.  I thought this would be a piece of cake but even with nearly all my dreams on the list (world cruise, Shakira, fab clothes, Preston Bailey) I'm not even halfway there.  If I could, I would spend the rest of it buying my own zoo of animals (especially teacup pigs!) but they would be considered assets.  I guess the moral to this article is.......

Having $30 million would give me everything I've ever wanted in life and more!  Haven't we all learned a good lesson?  I'm now accepting donations. ;)


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