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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Guide To Underwater Cameras

I finally got my waterproof camera developed!  Taking underwater photos isn't as easy as I thought.  Posing for them and snapping both have some significant challenges.  For example, it's kind of hard to keep your eyes open underwater and not make this face:

Another worry is the dreaded bubble moustache:
Actually, on second thought, I kind of love my bubble moustache.

No, your best bet for cool underwater photos (assuming you don't have a flowing Alexander McQueen maxi dress) is stupid faces...

Yoga poses...



Or just leave your face out of it!

They're definitely worth buying if you're going somewhere wet and wild.  We had so much fun splashing around taking all these pictures.  Which reminds me of my last tip...if you want to see what you're taking a picture of, make sure you put on some goggles!
That's kind of what the Caesar's pool looked like after a couple Cranberry Mojitos.


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