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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Life as a Montage

You know when you're watching a movie and there's some cute montage set the perfect music and you think "God, I wish my life was like that."  Well, your life is like that, you just don't have someone filming everything, editing it and setting it to music. don't have me!  I am so excited to show the bride and groom the wedding videos I made for them.  I caught all sorts of stuff that the videographer at the wedding can't even come close to.  I love making little movie montages of my life (see my youtube account for full details!) and I loved doing it for my friends as a kick ass wedding present.  Here's a little teaser:

I hope they like it!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Simple Diet Changes That Give Results!

During my time in Vegas my healthy eating went right out the window, and boy do I ever feel it.  Tired, grumpy and a face full of spots!  True proof that what you eat will manifest itself on your face!  So here's a few easy changes you can make to your diet that will put that spring back in your step.

Switch from lettuce to spinach.  I can not stress this enough!  Eating lettuce (especially iceberg) is basically just eating water, it has hardly any nutritional value.  A good rule of thumb is the greener it is, the more it packs a vitamin punch!  Spinach is full of iron, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium and the list goes on.  Plus, it's so versatile!  I throw spinach in with my smoothies, mix it in with a stir fry, use it for salad or just steam it as a side dish.  It's my magic ingredient!

Ditch the toast for breakfast.  When bread is toasted the complex starches and carbohydrates break down into sugars.  Again with the lack of nutritional value!  Studies show that people find toast comforting, that it reminds them of being a kid, but we shouldn't be eating comfort food every morning!  It's important to eat things at breakfast that aren't going to lead to fluctuations in our sugar levels later in the day.  Try eating high fibre granola with low fat yoghurt and berries for a week and see if you feel the difference.        

Trade in your coffee for green tea.  We all know the benefits of green tea and the bad effects of coffee but we just keep doing it to ourselves.  It takes ten days to make something a habit (or break an old one) so suck it up and start sucking up the tea.  Your skin, lungs, liver and teeth will thank you!

Get more Omega 3's.  Omega 3's are one of these "super food" ingredients that fight off a plethora of different health problems including alzheimers, arthritis, high blood pressure and a million more.  It's easy when you're young to forget that one day your body will be old and these things will matter to you.  You may not think twice about your blood pressure now, but the choices we make today will affect how we feel in ten years.  It might be a bit scary to think about, but it's true.  Simple changes now = good health later!

Cut back on the condiments.  A couple years ago I probably would have bathed in ketchup, I really love the stuff, but I love looking and feeling good more!  You can take a perfectly healthy salad, and if you cover it with dressing you're basically drenching your food in fat, sugar, sodium and calories.  I have become a devout convert to olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The olive oil still has fat, but it's good fat and at least it's not hiding behind a fancy label!  Also, beware when you read the nutrition information.  Look at the portion size!  Does anyone really only use 1 tsp of ketchup?  No way, jose!

Stop buying junk food.  If you want to eat healthy, why is there potato chips and brownies in your shopping cart?  Do you buy them and intend to not eat them?  No, you're waiting for your inevitable moment of weakness.  We all have them.  The other night I got the munchies in a bad way and I was dying for some salt and cardboard.  Popcorn, chips, peanuts....I would have eaten all of it!  But because I didn't buy any of that crap, I ended up eating Ryvitas and Light Laughing Cow which come in at under 100 calories.  Satisfied my craving and I didn't feel disgusting the next day.  If it's not there, you can't eat it!

Really take a look at these tips.  They are not difficult changes to make (well, maybe ditching coffee!) but they will have such a positive effect on how you look and feel now and twenty years down the road!

Monday, 29 August 2011

What I Learned in Las Vegas

Well, now that my brain has somewhat returned to normal I can tell you all about what I learned in Las Vegas, other than the golden rule: Bring a lot of money.

All the girls wear Louboutins to the club.
We went to this really, really posh nightclub called Marquee for the bachelorette party and I honestly couldn't believe the amount of red heels I saw.  We paid way too much money to have bottle service and a cabana, but we got to feel like total hot shots for the night so it was worth it!

108 Stories is a lot more than you think.
We went on the New York New York rollercoaster and it was fun, but I like my rides to be terrifying.  Welcome to the Stratosphere, where they hang you off the edge of a building and spin you around.  Just don't look down!

The Bellagio Fountains are a must see.
At night they go every fifteen minutes and it's worth to hang around until you can get a good spot front and center.  The choreograph the fountains to show tunes and my inner theater kid was freaking the fuck out.

Red Bull is your friend.
Our mini fridge at Marquee came stocked full of Red Bull and I filled up my bag as we were leaving.  It's the only way I can possibly last until six in the morning, which you must do in Vegas.  Just beware the Red Bull anxiety that will inevitably hit you the following morning.

The portion sizes (and prices) of food are huge!
I was constantly shocked at how much they expected me to pay, and subsequently how much they expected me to eat.  I'm not one to stereotype, but it's no wonder there's 65 million obese Americans if they're always eating this much food at dinner.  (By the way, that was the best meatloaf of my entire life.  Thank you, Wolfgang Puck)

You will drink a lot.
You know that old rule "Never drink before noon"?  No such rule exists in Vegas.  I became quite accustomed to seeing people strolling down the street holding 42 ounce margaritas at ten in the morning.  My liver is very, very upset with me.  

Day and Night don't exist.
It's practically impossible to find a clock anywhere in a casino.  It was such a weird feeling to stumble through the casino, full of people gambling and drinking, late at night and walk through the next morning to the exact same scene.  It starts to get a bit surreal, like you're in a waking dream.

The Bellagio Botanical Gardens were everything I expected.
This is what my house would look like if I was a millionaire.  It was so cute, pretty and girly!  Unfortunately, I visited it with two boys who didn't match my squeals of delight upon seeing giant floral teddybears!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and it was so nice to see the gang from England.  Ben and I did figure out that Vegas isn't really our kind of place, it's a bit too materialistic and just....weird.  Plus, if I ever hear that song "Dynomite" again, I will kill someone.  It was a great time, but I'm glad to be back home and in the real world!  If you want to see more photos from my trip, they should all be up on my flickr either today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

(Not so sunny) San Francisco!

I am having SO much fun!  I've only just gotten out of bed after a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and now that I'm trying to start writing it's hit me how many brain cells I killed last night.  It was so worth it, the nightclub we went to was out of this world!  But more on that later, for now let me tell you all about my time in San Francisco.

First, and most importantly, San Francisco is damn cold!  When I was packing I figured I'm going to California so I hardly brought any warm clothes and it was such a mistake, I was totally frozen!  We stayed just outside San Fran in a cute little town called Walnut Creek and it was far enough from the mist and smog to bless us with some great weather.  Our resort was so posh, and as soon as we arrived and met up with Ben's parent's we got down to the serious business of wine and dinner while watching the sun set.

It was fantastic.  It was so nice to catch up with loved ones that he's been missing for months.  Dinner would have been a lot better if it hadn't let to my getting food poisoning on the first proper day of my trip!  I spent the morning being horribly sick and feeling incredibly sorry for myself.  I've never had food poisoning before (although don't tell that to any of my employers!) and it was a complete nightmare!  Not something I want to re-create any time soon!  Since I was so under the weather, we spent the whole morning lounging around the pool perfecting our tans and reading stupid magazines.

Eventually I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself (a challenge for me, I'm a huge baby when I'm sick) and check out the city.  We bought pretzels and squeeze cheese from the street vendors and found this amazing Japanese dessert shop serving up all sorts of decadent creations I didn't even try to pronounce..

We had no idea what any of it was but I just had to try something and we ended up getting this weird pancake sandwich filled with red bean jelly.  My love for wacko foreign food knows no bounds!  We strolled through the city and contemplated going for a ride on the street cars but once we saw the outrageous queue we changed our minds pretty quickly.  I think it's so important to keep perspective when you're on holiday.  Yes, streetcars are a San Francisco icon but do you really want to stand around for two hours only to get crammed into a little car filled with loud, sweaty tourists?  I'll pass!  Instead we did a bit of shopping and went for lunch at an old fashioned diner.  I had an amazing root beer float. 

The culprit for our less than luscious weather was all the mist and smog, I've never seen anything like it!  It felt like walking through a city in the sky with the clouds around your ears.  I visited the Betsey Johnson shop and drooled over all the dresses I can't afford.  After we left my boyfriend said "I don't understand why you would want to dress like a cupcake."  Men just don't understand, do they?

The only "warm" clothes I brought!
The following day was just hard core tourism.  We visited Alcatraz, which was way cooler than I expected.  The whole time we were there I was trying to transport myself and imagine what it must have been like.  Ben and I both agree they need to do tours where they re-enact it and treat you like a prisoner for a couple hours. So creepy!  Anywhere that has a "Gun Gallery" is too scary for me!  It's easy to understand why they were so desperate to escape with the city so close on the horizon.  Gazing day after day at freedom so near, but so out of reach would drive me crazy, too.  Only three men have ever properly escaped with their whereabouts still unknown.  The tour guide said they probably drowned, but I like to think they're all in South America drinking margaritas and toasting their freedom.

We went to Fisherman's Wharf and had beautiful, rich clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  So delicious, and I don't even like clam chowder!  My favorite part of the whole city was easily the Pier 39, especially the sea lions.  They are so fucking cute!  They're like the dogs of the sea.  They bark, have whiskers and get in silly arguments.  I could have spent hours watching them.

It was so wonderful, and Las Vegas has been completely insane, I can't wait to tell you about it.  Our friends are getting married tomorrow and I was so stumped about what to get them for a wedding present.  They make about 20 times what I do, so anything I could buy them....they could buy a better one!  So what's a girl to do?  Give a gift that money can't buy!  I've been secretly videoing everything this week.  The gang at dinner, lounging around the pool, her bachelorette party and the wedding tomorrow.  I'm going to edit it all together and give them a surprise wedding video!  I'm so excited!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Well, here it is!

I'm off to San Francisco and Las Vegas!!!  I'll do my best to keep you posted on my adventures!   I'm so excited! 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Brewster's Millions: What Would You Do?

Spend $30 million in the next 30 days, without acquiring any assets, to inherit $300 million.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Well, the whole "moral" of Brewster's Millions is that all the money just makes him unhappy and he realizes he doesn't need material junk to be happy.  Screw that moral!  Give me material junk!  All I could think when I was watching Richard Pryor struggling to to spend all the money is that this would be a piece of cake for me!  

First things first, I would head over to and rent an amazing wardrobe!  Oh my god, the clothes they have available for rental is so tempting.  This Proenza Schouler dress is $150 to rent for 4-8 days.  Plus shoes, handbags and accessories, I'm sure that would be $50,000 gone easily.  Of course since I return it assets so I stick with the Brewster's Millions rule!

The problem with living in a different country for a couple years is that you make a bunch of friends that you miss dearly.  I would fly all of my friends from England over here to Canada so they can see where I'm from.  A flight between London and Edmonton is about $950, and I'll be flying over about 30 friends so that's $28,500.  I'll take them on the roller coaster in our mall and I'll book us for a world tour cruise that departs once the 30 days is up.  I like this one which visits Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Jordan, Egypt, Croatia and a whole lot of other places.  Sounds mind blowing, right?  Well, it better be for the $40,103 per suite price tag.  Since I'll be bringing 50 of my closest friends that will be over $100,000 gone as well.  Damn, this is actually harder than I thought.  

Before we catch our cruise, we need to have an amazing party.  Shakira was paid $5,000,000 to do eight songs at a private party a couple years ago, but I would want a lot more than eight songs so I would have to pay her $10,000,000.  I don't even feel guilty about wasting it all because I know she donates millions to her charities every year.  I've always wanted to know what Cristal tastes like, so I would need a couple hundred bottles of that.  The 1990 Cristal goes for $1,053 per bottle  so my couple hundred bottles would put me out $210,600.  Not bad to feel like Jay-Z for a night.  Of course I would have hire my hero, Preston Bailey, for the decor and considering that he's Oprah's go-to decorator, he doesn't come cheap!  He starts at $200,000 but I would want something truly spectacular so I'd probably have to spring about $500,000.  He's so worth it, look at his website if you don't believe me.  I'd have the party catered by Iron Chef Mario Batali and I'm not sure what his catering charge would be, but a three course meal at one of his restaurants is about $250, so for him to feed all 500 of my friends I'm guessing he'd want around $125,000 at least!  I think I'd hold the party in the New York at The American Museum of Natural History who charge a patron membership fee of $3500 plus the room rental of $11,000 and I'm going to want to use the terrace so that's another $1000. So let's see with Shaki, Cristal, Preston Bailey, Mario Batali and Natural History we're looking at a nice total of $10,851,100.  Not bad for one night of fun!

It doesn't look like it costs more than my house!
Now on to the food.  Nothing left after that except my own asset (haha).  The most expensive food in the world is the Italian White Alba Truffle which sold for $160,406 to a couple in Japan.  I'll get a chef to whip up a dish including the truffles, some Almas Caviar ($25,00 a tin), Matsutake Mushrooms ($1000 per pound) and some rare Dansuke Watermelons ($6,100 a pop) which are found only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.  I'm sure it will be a delicious meal for $192,506.

So I still have almost $19 million left.  What on earth is a girl to do?  Honestly....I don't even know.  The rules stipulate you can't give it all away to charity or gamble it away.  I thought this would be a piece of cake but even with nearly all my dreams on the list (world cruise, Shakira, fab clothes, Preston Bailey) I'm not even halfway there.  If I could, I would spend the rest of it buying my own zoo of animals (especially teacup pigs!) but they would be considered assets.  I guess the moral to this article is.......

Having $30 million would give me everything I've ever wanted in life and more!  Haven't we all learned a good lesson?  I'm now accepting donations. ;)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Balloon Adventures!

So, as per my summer to-do list, I finally sent my balloon notes!  They weren't all like the top one, but you smell was about as mean as they got.  I also included "Be Nicer To Old People", "Eat Your Vegetables" and "Your Mission: Take 5 funny pictures of 5 funny dogs.  Report back when complete."

We started out with coffee and bagels at this really cute tea house called Steeps.

They let you pick out your own mug!

We filled up the balloons at my old flower shop.

I suck at tying up balloons!

I don't suggest trying to drive with 15 balloons in the back seat.  Finn hated them!

I kind of wanted to keep them, they were so pretty.

I really hope someone actually DOES report back and leaves a comment here.  How awesome would that be?

We found a hill where you could see the whole city.

and set them free!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Japanese Nail Art: Inspiration

Just a note, guys!  Since I made this post, I've started a website devoted entirely to nail art.  To learn more about Japanese nail art, and see a much more extensive gallery please visit

Let's face it, when it comes to fashion...Japan wins.  I was looking around the web for some nail inspiration photos and I sure did find some!  I would never be able to wear these designs, let alone replicate them, but that doesn't mean I don't looooovee to look at them!  They're so full of fantasy, I would feel like a Sailor Moon character wearing these.  I would also feel like I couldn't unbutton my jeans when I was in the bathroom!  Enjoy, get inspired!  Pimp out your nails!

This is about as Japanese as I can manage to do! So boring in comparison, no?
If you want to give this look a try but don't think you're quite up to the challenge (I can't say I blame you!) there's lots of places online that sell pre-decorated tips.  I sell really pretty decorated nails in my Etsy shop for very reasonable prices..  Yukiumi also has a huge, huge selection of awesome looks for you to try out and a lots of little plastic pieces you can buy to put on yourself.  If I wasn't saving for my trip to Las Vegas (and secretly dying to try to do it myself) I would have spent a fortune at those sites!

Want to take the plunge and try it yourself?  There's loads of tutorials on youtube that make it seem oh so easy.  Suuuuuure.

If you're looking for my new nail art photos, I don't always post them on here but I'm always updating my set on Flickr or you can buy them at my shop.

Monday, 8 August 2011

London Riots

What the hell is going on?  I will never understand what kind of person riots, destroys people's places of work, their homes, their cars to get a point across.  Puts hundreds of innocent lives at risk and for what?  Because they're upset at the loss of an innocent life?  As one clever man on youtube said: Fuck you.  How does burning down peoples homes help the man who was lost in Tottenham?  I am so ashamed of every single person who has set fire to property.  I just can't even comprehend this:

There is NO excuse to do this.

Einstein had it right.  "We can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

We will return to your regularly scheduled programmed of pretty stuff tomorrow. 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Plans For Vegas

I'm starting to get some big ideas.  I've been researching what to do with myself while I'm in Vegas and it's just way too exciting!  I've found a load of stuff I want to do, I mean, I can't spent the whole time gambling and throwing money at strippers.  Although I'm sure that will be a pretty large portion.

Lulu just had to pop in and say hi!
First things first...I'm going to wear these shoes until my feet fall off!  Yes, my online shopping finally arrived and the shoes actually fit.  I've been wearing them around the house all day and I feel like such a sexy bitch.  They're a lot more glittery than I expected, but if there's one place you can get away with tacky, glittery's Las Vegas!  The reason I'm going on this trip in the first place is to attend a wedding.  Which means I have to figure out a dress to go with these pimp shoes!

It's not really my scene, but I have to check out at least one pool party!  How else am I going to feel insecure about my small breasts!?

The Bellagio Botanical Gardens are blowing my tiny mind!  It looks like part of Willy Wonka's factory, I can just imagine how good it's going to smell!  The people in charge treat it like they would a Broadway production and begin planning the displays three months in advance.  I could spend an entire day taking photos in there.  In fact, I probably will!  As a florist, this is pretty much my dream.  People can do such creative things with flowers, especially these because they're live!  I'm so pleased we're visiting in the summer, that's when the prettiest, brightest flowers bloom.  Oh, and did I mention the best part about it?  It's free!

I still haven't quite convinced Ben to come on the New York, New York roller coaster with me.  I will, though.  Mark my words....I will.

Let's not forget the wedding!  Our friends are getting married on the balcony of Caesers Palace.  It's going to be so beautiful, I love weddings!  They're such happy occasions, everybody looks good and is usually pretty drunk. All recipes for a good time.  We haven't seen any of the gang since we left England and it's going to be a beautiful reunion between Ben and his best friend.  But most importantly.....the bachelorette party is going to be amazing.

I love this advice from

Don't do more than one thing in each hotel, so you can see them all and establish a pattern of constant movement. Think of yourself as on the run from the cops at all times.

Two weeks!!! Yay!

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